July 25, 2017


Trifon Liakopoulos, Ph.D, (EnaChip President, CEO and founder)

Trifon is a recognized MEMS/Wafer Level Magnetics industry pioneer and an award winning product innovator. Prior of founding EnaChip and in addition to his experience with large corporations such as Bell Labs and Altera, Trifon co-founded Enpirion (acquired by Altera and now Intel) a world leader in power integration as a spinout from Bell Labs to successfully commercialize the world’s first Power System on Chip (PwrSoC) products for consumer and industrial markets. He led the development efforts of magnetic MEMS technology, set up wafer process prototype labs and established a technology platform for PwrSoC device manufacturing. Trifon was responsible for all aspects of product development and commercialization including design, product manufacturing and cost analysis and he managed the supply chain and all outsourced activities including all foundry partnerships and relationships. He is now focusing growing Enachip as a unique world leading company offering integrated magnetic technologies and solutions for PwrSoC and medical device industries by leveraging cutting edge proprietary MEMS and nano-technology materials and processes. He has several publications, he is a member of the Board of Trustees at the University of Ioannina-Greece and holds 19 patents.

Mark Allen, Ph.D, (Chair of Scientific Board & founder of EnaChip, and Scientific Director, Singh Center for Nanotechnology, Alfred Fitler Moore Professor, Electrical and Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, University of Pennsylvania)

Combining insights from the worlds of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry and materials science, Allen is a pioneer in the field of micro-electromechanical systems, or MEMS, and nanofabrication technology. Mark’s research allows the creation of structures, sensors and actuators that exploit the unique potential of the small scale. For example, such miniscule devices can sit at the intersection of the biological and the digital, sensing the physical and electrical signals found in the heart and in the brain and transmitting them to computers for processing.

Mark has successfully launched several startup companies including CardioMEMS (acquired by St. Jude Medical) a medical device company that has developed and commercialized a proprietary wireless sensing and communication technology for the human body. Its FDA approved technology platform is designed to improve the management of severe chronic cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure and aneurysms. Their miniature wireless sensors can be implanted using minimally invasive techniques and transmit cardiac output, blood pressure and heart rate data that are critical to the management of patients. Mark has published approximately 120 journal articles and holds approximately 40 patents.

Board of Directors

  • Trifon M. Liakopoulos, Ph.D – President, CEO & Founder
  • Michael Burychka, MBA – Managing Director, IP Group, North America
  • Michael Poisel, MS, MBA – Director, PCI Ventures
  • Michael Cassidy, MS – President and CEO of the Georgia Research Alliance